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Training Solutions to Create Engaged Workplaces

Welcome!  TH!NKSM leadership development and training resources in Hawaii help leaders create workplaces where people LOVE coming to work.

As training resultants, TH!NKSM co-owners Cindy Sakai and Sarah Kalicki-Nakamura, specialize in helping companies understand the people side of business.  In order for a workplace to be great, leadership must focus on creating a culture that encourages people to trust each other and inspires people to use their gifts in innovative ways.  TH!NKSM training, services, and products help people to take personal responsibility to create engaged, aligned, and trust-based workplaces.  This starts with people understanding why people do the things that they do, understanding how their behavior impacts those around them, and how to adapt their behavior to build trust-based relationships and results.    Based in Mililani, Hawaii, TH!NKSM customized training and development solutions transform people to maximize results.